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The much beloved Summit meme featuring the much beloved Summit member Kevgren. The inaguratory photograph of Kevgren, draped in a Kelly Clarkson shirt, wagging his finger in disapproval has become a Summit staple. The photograph is often posted to shown disapproval or to comedically express the popular phrase "Oh no he di'n't."

Kevgren's finger smells like butt

Variations of the Kevgren Finger

Over time there have been variant photographs of the Kevgren Finger.

Double Kevgren Finger

A photograph taken at Insubordination Fest 2010 (circa June 2010) featuring Kevgren, yet again in his Kelly Clarkson shirt, alongside Summit poster CobraSkull, each wagging their fingers. It is often used when one finger wag isn't enough.

Wooden Fish

A photograph taken at This Is Hardcore Fest 5 (circa August 2010) of Kevgren wagging his finger at a wooden fish sculpture. Not much is known how this photo will be used yet.
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"Double Kevgren Finger"

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Wooden Fish


The Kevgren Finger was recognized as the best meme of the Summit Awards Winners 2010.