Practice Thread is a term used in response to a failed attempt to post an image, video, or link.


Early on in the Summit, during a period in which Linoleum had significant issues posting images that weren't broken or blocked from hotlinking, eazyd, in a rare moment of comedic genius, created a thread titled "THREAD FOR LINOLEUM TO PRACTICE HOW TO USE A COMPUTER" with the following message:

"so as not to disturb the rest of us that retard can post shit in here until he gets it right. no one else may post in here. infact after youve read this you are not allowed to come back into this thread unless you are linoleum. so linoleum practice away and dont feel embarrassed if you fuck up cause thats what this thread is for. we promise not to look at what youre up to."

The thread, while not used much itself, became an oft-referenced meme whenever a broken image was posted and the OP couldn't fix it in time. Much laughter is had at the OP's expense. False practice thread positive are common.

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