Simps hams

Steamed Hams is a Summit meme which features a screen cap from the Simpsons episode "22 Short Films About Springfield." Its origins stem from a thread created by Summit poster Babrook/Bryant which can be seen here. The thread was then sent to the Death Chamber by an anonymous moderator sending a number of Summiters in an uproar.

Death Chamber Incident

Upon the Steamed Hams thread getting Death Chamber'd a few valiant Summiters have taken it upon themselves to "avenge" the fallen thread, vowing to post a variant of the Steamed Ham thread every day until the original thread is moved from the Death Chamber to the Hall of Fame.

Polarization of the Summit

This meme has polarized members of the Summit. As mentioned earlier there is a group of Summiters who love and embrace this meme. However, there are many Summiters who vehimently despise this memes in all its forms.

Other Uses of the Steamed Hams Photo

The Steamed Hams photo has also been used to trick people in other threads. Oftentimes the poster of the photo will make a comment about revealing something about themselves and then plant the Steamed Hams picture inside the spoiler tags. It is similar to the internet phenomenon of Rick Rolling.


Steamed Hams was recognized as the Worst Meme in theSummit Awards Winners 2010.

Steamed Hams is the funniest fucking thing ever created by the funniest and most handsomest dude ever.(Citation Needed plz. Thnx, ktb)